Now that our 89 year-old aunt has an iPad, she’s thrilled to get email. She said she just received a “talking thing” from her granddaughter. So, naturally we were put on our mettle and sent her a “talking thing” too.

The talking thing is a video, of course, and to record ourselves waving and grinning, we used the webcam built into our laptop and a program called “YouCam 5,” from Cyberlink. It’s available in a free trial version at The version also comes with free ‘TechTracker” software that lets you know which programs on your computer need updating. On our system, ten programs needed a free update. It’s a hassle to update all of these, so if you might want to uncheck the “Tech Tracker” box before proceeding with the installation.

YouCam 5 is a $35 program, once your free trial is up, but it’s fun to have. If you don’t have a laptop with a built-in web camera, you can buy a webcam separately for around $30 or less, and it comes with its own software. Add special effects and frames to your video or just email it as it is.

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