Starting April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP. (We wonder if they may want to sell you something else.) This means no phone support and no Windows updates. According to Microsoft, this means “no security updates that help protect your PC from harmful viruses, spyware and malicious software which can steal your identity.”

Should you be worried? Nah! According to independent tech support folks, XP should be fine for at least another decade.

First of all, phone support from Microsoft has never been worth much anyway. What you get is somebody reading from a script of questions you must answer. The questions carry the assumption that you are dumber than a drunken cow. More importantly, the latest “service pack 3” update for Windows XP, which is free, has made the system very secure.

Finally, there are just too many XP users to leave them in the lurch. Half of all the computers in the world are using Windows XP, and believe us, there will be plenty of companies and services ready, willing and able to provide support.

XP users should use an updated browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and be at least a little careful about the sites they visit and programs they download. They should not use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer because the latest versions of IE don’t work with Windows XP. That’s pretty odd, because that browser comes with the operating system

In short, cheers for those still hanging on to Windows XP. If it weren’t for them, lots of PCs would be in dumpsters because they can’t run Windows 7 orVista.  Bob still uses an XP desktop computer, Joy uses a Windows 7 machine and a Chrome OS laptop.

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