The Flashback Trojan attacked Mac users recently. We read that it was the first serious attack on Mac users in 28 years, but actually Flashback Trojan was the son of last year’s DevilRobber and its 18 brothers.  A free program from is a good fix.

Avast for the Mac is has prevented everyone who installed it from getting the Flashback Trojan. Avast also sells paid versions of its programs for Windows and Mac. With the paid version, you can prevent viruses from attacking. With the free version, you can clean it up after it happened.

Sophos Research found that 20 percent of Mac users who have Windows on their machines got Windows viruses or other malware. (Using a program like Boot Camp or Parallels, it’s possible to run both the Windows operating system and the Mac OS on one machine.)  Around three percent of users had Mac malware totally unrelated to Windows. Sophos also offers a free anti-virus program for Mac users.

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