“Cutting the cord” these days means waving bye-bye to your monthly cable bill. But it depends on how much you like convenience, local sports, skipping commercials, and a few other things.

Articles about the joys of watching all your TV on the Internet or from services like Hulu and Netflix often neglect to mention the annoyances, chief among which is watching Internet commercials. We also get tired of searching for things on Netflix. Here are a few other Internet TV annoyances:

  • Old shows: Netflix and Hulu won’t have everything you want.
  • Prices: If you have a deal that gives you Internet service and TV service, cutting out the TV component may not save that much because they’ll probably up the portion you pay for Internet service.
  • A set-top box:  You might have to go out and buy a box that connects to the Internet. Choices include Blu-Ray players, Xbox, Playstation, Roku Player, D-Link box, etc. Prices run $60 and up.

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