Four slim volumes from Maker Press can help you rule the world, or at least a small country. “Slim Volume” is a common phrase in publishing, but these four are really slim: 60-90 pages.


DIY Satellite Platforms,” by Sandy Antunes; $8. It may sound strange but you can build your own satellite. Hold the weight down to one kilogram (2.2 pounds) and you can think about launching it. CubeSatKit.com sells kits for doing this and charges about $40,000 if you want to actually put it into orbit. InterOrbital.com uses a tubular design and plans to charge $8,000 per launch. Other countries and private companies also sell launch services. (You don’t neccesarily have to launch your satellite; that’s just for serious types.)


— “Making Android Accesories With IOIO,” by Simon Monk; $7. This is not about making apps for Android phones but about making devices that can be controlled by an Android phone. Got that? Good. The devices not only receive instructions by phone, but can transmit back to the phone.


Environmental Monitoring With Arduino,” by Emily Gertz and Patrick Di Justo; $8. Make your own Geiger counter, examine water purity and create other environmental monitors, using the Italian open-design Arduino board.


Getting Started With Netduino,” by Chris Walker; $20. This is the most expensive of the four slim volumes and teaches you how to use the Netduino, a specialized version of the Arduino board. Uses Microsoft.net to remotely control motors and other devices.


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