Art Rage

ArtRage is a digital paint program for artists and is now out in new $40 and $80 versions for Windows and Mac and a $7 version for the iPad.

The new thing we like best about the computer versions is recording and playback. Ever watch the process as a painting is being created? It’s spell-binding. The new ArtRage lets you record all your strokes and then play them back for an audience, either at the original speed, or speeded up. You can turn it into a tutorial by adding voice-overs and speech bubbles.

If you have trouble making smooth strokes, the new “loaded palette knife” lets you load the paint on before using it, so all the strokes are smooth. There are a lot of other improvements in pencils, crayons and chalks, too many to list. If you do a web search on ArtRage, you’ll find lots of galleries and user groups.

2 Responses to “THAT’S ART-RAGEOUS”

  1. Pancho’s going to try it out, let you know what he thinks about it. Thanks for the intro.

  2. Great. We’re very interested in his opinion.