Sony P Tablet

How bout a tablet computer with two screens? Sony is coming out with their “P” tablet later this year (possibly November) and it offers a double display. Of course, since it’s a tablet and not a laptop, the displays are smaller.

The “P” is very light and folds in half. The two touch screens are each 5.5 inches diagonally and you can play Playstation games and get new movies and music from the Sony Entertainment Network. As with other tablets, you can use the device as a universal remote control for your TV and some other electronics. The “P” has the latest Android Honeycomb operating system and can stream music, video and photos wirelessly to a TV or receiver. A couple of Playstation games will come pre-loaded.

Price has yet to be determined on this high-tech toy, but we’re guessing it will be around $800; anything less would be good news. There’s an “S” tablet available in mid-September, but it doesn’t have the two screens.

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