At ten pounds, the “SpaceBook” is perhaps the heaviest laptop in the known universe. But weight is what you get when a laptop has two screens.

Actually, the ten pound weight is just three pounds more than the average 17-inch laptop, and for those three extra pounds, you get an extra screen. The “SpaceBook,” should be available later this year from gScreen, an Anchorage, Alaska, based company. We called and got no answer. (Things move glacially in Alaska.)

The two displays slide out to create a single panorama or two separate pictures. Both display panels are 17 inches and high-definition. This could be especially useful for stock traders, doctors, photo editors, engineers, accountants and people who see double. A Microsoft study says that workers get up to 50 percent more work done when using two screens.

The Spacebook comes with Windows 7 Professional, an Intel “quad-core” CPU, eight gigabytes of RAM, a webcam, a 500-gigabyte hard drive, and an HDMI port for connecting to a TV. The SpaceBook can be pre-ordered for $1899 from, with a reserve down payment of $695. (That’s cold.) As improvements are made, the company says customers can trade in their first generation SpaceBook for a 2nd generation at a 50 percent discount. (Then you’ll be seeing double, double.)

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