Jitterbug Phones

The Samsung Jitterbug phone seems like a good choice for those needing easy-to-read numbers and an operator who’s there 24 hours a day. Now the company has added a $15 monthly service that goes beyond that.

They call it “5 Star Urgent Response.” Press the “5” on the keypad, and an operator who has access to your emergency contact numbers comes on the phone. The information includes allergies, medications and doctor’s info. The operator can stay on the phone until help arrives. The service includes a subscription to “LiveNurse,” which allows a registered nurse to help diagnose any problem.

While Jitterbug was early in this area, another phone that offers this kind of help is Doro PhoneEasy, from It has hearing aid capability, Bluetooth (hands-free calling) and easily activated emergency dialing. There’s an automatic “man down” alarm.  The monthly charge is $10.

You can get lot of information on phones of this type by going to and clicking on “plans,” then “senior phones.”

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