4-bit watch

We didn’t think the $115 price tag was worth it, but the new “4-bit Steel” watch from Cadence is already sold out. It uses a four-bit binary number system to mark the hours.

You don’t need to know the binary system to read it, however, because the marks are all in the same position they would be on an ordinary analog watch. Still, the whole point is to raise your geek score.We tried a cheaper version, which sells for $90 from and is not sold out yet. The only drawback was no glow in the dark minute and hour hands; only the second hand glows not too useful. Programmers should really zero in on this, because the binary system is what computers use. It’s called “binary” because it only uses two numbers zero and one. For a good explanation of the binary number system, go to and search on “binary.”




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