Our nephew is going to Spain for a year, and he may find it tough to connect. A reader wrote us with a similar problem. Well, two problems equal one search.

There’s a new app from Skype that lets you use an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to get on the Internet for less than you would pay at most public hotspots, if you just have a quick email to send. (It’s also available on laptops.) It’s called Skype WiFi and it’s free from the iTunes store. It connects at over one million hot spots around the globe. One advantage of using this app instead of buying a time voucher from one of the hotspots is that you only pay for the actual minutes used instead of a block of time. A typical Skype charge is six cents a minute. Another advantage: WiFi is faster than the iPhone’s 3G.

If you connect this way, there are no data roaming charges, and those get expensive. There’s more info at

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