Story HD

A storehouse of three million free titles from the Google digital library may tempt us to get the new iRiver EBook reader. Target is selling it for $140.

The reader is called “Story HD” and it looks very much like the Amazon Kindle. The HD designation means High Definition, and the screen images are considerably sharper than other e-readers. Besides the free titles, there are about 150,000 paid ones.  Bob likes it that the page turning buttons are not on the side, where he’s likely to push them accidently just picking it up.

The Story HD is the same price as Barnes and Noble’s “Nook” e-reader as wells as the ad-free version of Amazon’s “Kindle.” You can view MS Word documents just as they are, and bring in PDF files that are actually readable. The Amazon Kindle makes them too tiny. A short-coming is you have to be in range of a WiFi signal to download a new book, newspaper, magazine or blog. The Kindle’s $189 version comes with free 3G service, the wireless service used by cell phones, which lets us download a new item from almost anywhere, even riding by on a train.


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