MORE FREEBIES FOR YOUR DESKTOP offers free apps for the Windows desktop. We saw tons that we already have installed, such as the Chrome web browser, CCleaner, Audacity, Skype and OpenOffice, but there were also lots of apps we haven’t tried yet, such as SumoPaint, for advanced but free online photo editing or Wunderlist, a task manager.

AllMyApps is just for Windows, but now Apple fans have something similar. This month Apple started the “Mac App Store,” a place to download apps to your Macbook, iPad or iPhone. Just like the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad users, the new Mac App Store will let you know when updates are available for the stuff you own. To access the apps, go to and click on the Mac Store.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…  Amazon will soon have an Android app store. Right now, it’s only open to developers who want to submit apps.

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