A new kid-friendly web browser is available from PCMag.com and lets you choose which websites your child can visit.  It starts off with all the best kids’ sites, such as Disney, Cartoon Network and Crayola, which you can add to. It maintains a list of all the sites visited and all the sites he or she attempted to visit. You can also set a time limit on how long the child can use the web.  Click “Settings” to require a password for exiting kid mode.

The browser comes with an online coloring book with1200 images. These can be colored directly online, or printed out in black and white and colored with crayons. Kids can add their own images.

The program is free if you pay $20 a year for unlimited access to PC Magazine’s software collection, or $8 for the one program. We are subscribers to their library, figuring it’s worth it to have hundreds of small programs for just $20. Go to tinyurl.com/kidbrowser.

You can restrict use of almost any online activity, through computers, smart-phones, iPads or similar devices using a small “app” called “Zoodles.” It can prevent anyone from sending email from your account or stumbling on inappropriate videos and websites. You can get it for free at Zoodle.com; a premium version costs $8 a month and blocks ads, among other features. There’s lots more info about this at Zoodles.com.

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