Here are some interesting topics making the rounds of the tech blogs, and we thought we’d add our two cents.

  • 3D computers: You can get a 3D laptop from Acer for only $70 more than their standard $700 laptop. Before you say “gee whiz,” co-columnist Bob Schwabach first saw 3D computers at Argonne National Laboratory 35 years ago. Those cost a few hundred thousand dollars of course, and were the size of a dorm refrigerator. The Acer 5738 DG is mainly for gamers, and you have to look at the screen at a 120 degree angle or it’s blurry.
  • Spotify is a new music site that comes to the U.S. later this year. Why is it so talked about? It appears to have all the features of Pandora, LastFM, Slacker and Jango in one, and then some. You can make 10,000-song playlists, choose radio “stations” based on a single artist or composer, etc.
  • Making an Alice in Wonderland poster from your photo

    Making an Alice in Wonderland poster from your photo -hire yourself out or hire someone else for $5 a job. Someone is offering to make a personalized work of art from your photo. Another wants to make you an Alice in Wonderland poster. There’s also a translator from English to Finnish. And hundreds more.

  • DocVerse: a universe where you can share Microsoft Office docs online.Google just bought it. It’s more convenient than Google docs, if you have Word and Excel documents you want others to collaborate on.
  • Tawkon is a would-be iPhone app that Apple hasn’t approved yet. It tells you how much radiation is being emitted from your iPhone. But you don’t need this app if you remember a couple of things. Don’t hold your cell phone too tightly; a headset is better. The harder your cell phone has to work to keep a connection going, the more radiation it emits. So don’t try to call from an elevator or a restroom deep inside a building.
  • Google Chrome, the web browser, already has about half as many add-ons or extensions (around 3,000) as Firefox does (6,000). That’s because developers don’t have to get them approved first, unless they do things like share the content’s of a user’s computer. Take a look here.
  • Free 50 gigabytes of online storage. Hard to beat that.

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