Good50.com is a Google search page that’s easier on the eyes.  Both the search box and what you type appear much larger. Click the “Low Vision” version to get a black background that makes it even easier to see.

eager-readerSpeaking of accessibility options, Windows has half a dozen built in, but you have to  turn them on. For instance, Bob says he often turns the caps lock key on by mistake. An alert reader wrote in to say that you can get a beep when you turn it on and another sound when you turn it off.

Here’s how: In Windows XP, click “Start,” and then “Control Panel.” Double-click “Accessibility Options.” Select “Use ToggleKeys.”  Or, if you’d rather get a visual cue, instead of an audible one, click the “Sound” tab and select “Use SoundSentry,” and choose from the visual warning menu.

In Windows 7 and Vista, click “Start” and then “Control Panel.” Then click “Ease of Access Center.” Click “Change how your keyboard works.” Then click “Turn on Toggle Keys.” To get a visual cue, go back to the “Ease of Access Center” and choose “Turn on visual notifications.”

Windows  has a lot of other accessibility features you may want to explore. To find them, click “start” and “help and support.” Then type  “Accessibility.” You’ll learn how to turn on the magnifier, change the font size, or, in Windows 7 and Vista,  hear text read aloud.

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