YouTube’s annotation feature lets you string videos in sequences. If they’re related in some way, you’ve made a movie. We mean a real movie. (Watch “The Birthday Party,” noted below, for a great example.)

Go to to see some examples of short movies and find out how to do it. “The Birthday Party” is about three guys who set out carrying a Teddy Bear as a gift for their boss. Along the way, they get accidently involved in a wild shootout, disarm a bomb attached to a hostage, and so on. As each three-minute segment is coming to an end, you’re presented with a choice to click. For example, you can “Save Big Hurl” (one of the actors) or “Save Yourself.” The wrong choice brings a disastrous ending, but also a chance to choose again. Good movie, good fun. We’ll watch their “Time Machine” next.

Annotated videos joined together could be made for business, but it’s mostly pure fun and an excellent way to make a movie at no cost. We see no reason why you can’t string segments together for a full length feature. After all, that’s the way Hollywood does it.

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