ScribblarThere are dozens of ways to collaborate online, including Google Docs, Scribblar, Gigatribe, etc. Such collaboration is often called “cloud computing.”

If you go to and search on “online collaboration” you’ll get a list of 60 programs for doing this. There are differences among them. With Scribblar, for example, each person sees a simulation of a white-board, where you can draw connecting lines, circle important points, make sketches, and so forth.

Privacy is sometimes a problem, so a new cloud collaborative tool called “Ecofiling” is aimed at business users who want extremely private workspaces. It uses Amazon’s storage system, which has first class security. Cost is $3 per month per user; each user gets a gigabyte of storage. You can get a free version at, limited to two users.

Microsoft’s “Office Live Small Business” is similar but is slightly more costly. Although it gives you 500 MB of free storage to start with, it costs around $5 per user per month for each additional gigabyte. And unlike Ecofiling, it isn’t widely available outside the U.S.

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