Google TranslateGoogle has a new translation tool for Internet Explorer. It translates websites in 42 languages, including some fairly obscure ones, like Catalan (spoken in and around Barcelona, Spain), and Maltese (spoken on the island of Malta). All the major Asian languages are covered.

Version 6 of this translation tool, the latest one, is for use with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. If you’re using a different browser, such as Firefox, you can only get version 5 right now; updates will be coming soon. If you don’t want to add a toolbar to your browser, go to and type or paste the name of the web site you want translated.  
The tool automatically detects whether the page you’re on isn’t your default language and translates it. When you go on to another page, it will continue to be displayed in your own language. If you’re using a site like Google Reader ( where the content is continually streaming, the translation will happen in real time as well. You can get the toolbar at After you install it, look for a picture of a wrench at the upper right corner of your screen; click on it and then choose “tools” and check “translate.”

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