If you don’t regularly take photos off your camera card, you often end up putting the same ones on your computer over and over. A great tool for ridding your system of extra copies is VisiPics, a free program. It found 18,970 duplicates on Joy’s computer, occupying over 4 gigabytes.

To start, you highlight a folder, such as “Pictures,” and click a plus sign to add it to the list to be scanned. Highlight another folder, such as “Documents” and click the plus sign again so it’s included. You can choose “loose,” “basic” or “strict” to define whether a duplicate is nearly an identical photo, with just a few small differences or whether it’s the exact photo. When you click the green go-ahead button, the program starts scanning.

As it finds duplicates, it displays thumbnail versions in a window to the left. It also lists their file size, a clue to the picture’s resolution; the bigger the file, the higher the resolution. You can highlight any duplicate to delete it, or choose the auto delete feature and move the slider up to “strict.” It will then only delete exact duplicates or pictures with lower resolution than the original.

If you have a Mac, there’s Duplicate Image Detector from  or or DupeGuru from

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