Google Voice is a free service that lets you select a phone number people can use to reach you on any of your phones. They have only to call that

number and all of your phones respond. If you’re on your boat when the boss calls your office, you’ll still get the call. You can even choose which phones will ring, depending on who’s calling. You can listen before answering the call.

 A new feature lets you choose your Google Voice phone number for a one-time $10 fee. You can search for a special word from any area code. A chef might want a number ending in 2665: “COOK,” for example. You don’t even have to use your own area code. Google will select any number that’s available in any area code and then link that to your number. We selected a number that combined our two first names and it turned out to be available in California, even though we don’t live in California. We tried it out and our Skype phone, two cell phones and one landline phone all rang.

Unfortunately, there’s a waiting list to get the service. We had to wait like everybody else. To get Google Voice, go to and click “get invite.”

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