FREE BOOKS ON KINDLE OR ANDROID has 1.5 million books (yes, that’s “million”) that can be downloaded free to your computer, iPhone or any Android enabled cell phone or device. We tried it out and you can browse through any of them on your computer screen and download whatever you like.

Assasin's Apprentice, a free Kindle has 7,000 free books that can be downloaded to the Kindle reader. We took a brief look at Treasure Island, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci, and even curiosities like the 1884 supplement to Scientific American Magazine. Find a list at That’s a shortened web address we created from their original, which is so long you’d get lost in the wilderness trying to read it.

And furthermore, as our politicians like to say, take a look at for 24,000 other titles you can put on your Kindle for free. Unlike clicking on books at Amazon’s own list, these are downloaded to your computer, not directly to the Kindle reader. You can then drag and drop them onto the Kindle using the connecting cable that comes with it. Maybe the next version of the Kindle will have a port for a USB memory stick or flash drive.

Do you think there are too many books? Well, we’re never going to catch up; there are more than 100,000 new books published each year just in English. Of course many of them aren’t real books, they’re books written to further someone’s career, enhancing their credentials.

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