Game Booster is a free program for Windows that does an amazing job of speeding up your computer through the simple procedure of turning off everything that would normally run in the background. It even turns off Windows services that are normally always running but not necessary.

The program is intended for use by people who play complex games, like Fallout3 or World of Warcraft. But we tried it for just normal operation and the results were great; everything ran faster, even our Internet connection. It was a one click operation after we downloaded and installed the software. It frees up your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory) and central processing unit (the CPU). It does not use “over-clocking.” This is a technique by which gamers can force the CPU to operate at double or triple the speed it’s designed for. This works to speed things up considerably but also overheats the CPU and can cause it to burn out.

If you find some things are missing after installing and running Game Booster, you can disable it by clicking “return to normal mode.” You can also simply reboot the computer. Game Booster works with Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and the new Windows 7. Get it at iobit.com/gamebooster.html

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