Spammers and hackers are taking advantage of Swine flu fears by sending out viruses and scams.

SpamBe careful when clicking on anything in your email that has “swine flu” in the subject line. According to Symantec, the top lines include “Swine Flu USA,” “Salma Hayek Caught Swine Flu!” and “Swine Flu Statistics.” These are all phony messages aimed at getting you to sign up for something or download something you should not.

You can avoid falling into one of these traps by installing a free link-scanner from AVG (Bob’s favorite anti-virus software). This warns you if you are about to go to a dangerous web link. By the way, if you already have AVG Anti-Virus, which is also free, you already have the link scanner. But since Joy uses the free Avira anti-virus program, she added the AVG link scanner to her arsenal.

You can get the link scanner at This website also tells you about PayPal scams, parking ticket scams and others. The parking ticket scam is particularly clever. The scammer leaves an official looking parking ticket on your car windshield. It says you have committed a violation and must pay a fine. It also provides a web site address you can go to for more information. That’s the web site that’s going to get you. Don’t go there.

Grisoft, makers of the free AVG anti-virus software, says eighty million people have downloaded AVG Anti-Virus to date. We are two of them.

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