• An interesting YouTube video on nanotechnology. It shows some recent work at Northwestern University in Illinois, the leading nanotech research center in the U.S.. “Nano” means one-billionth, as in one-billionth of a meter. That’s about one hundred thousandth the width of a human hair. (Pretty small.) Scientists are working on making computers so small you can’t see them, as well as an experimental medical application to end spinal cord paralysis.
  • is a new website for kids, with games and social networking opportunities. You start as a ten year old and earn points playing games,SuperSecret.comeventually getting older. It’s free if your character never ages past 12; for teenagers it’s $5 a month. It’s supposed to appeal to those getting a little too old for
  • offers small cash rewards to those who create the best pictures with Adobe’s Photoshop, using today’s news as inspiration. Pictures with the most votes win, but anyone who just votes for their friends, or themselves, gets a low karma rating and no influence. If they catch you, your karma is crushed. It’s worth visiting the site to see the pictures.

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