The new “Replica” backup drive from Seagate works just like the Rebit backup drive we wrote about a few weeks ago. In fact, it uses Rebit’s software.

Both of these drives provide “no-brainer” backup. Just plug them in and they start backing up your PC, including the operating system and all your programs. The RebitSeagate Replica drive has an on/off switch; the Seagate drive is smaller and lighter and is always on. Both drives also back up all your files, your music, pictures, movies, etc.

If your computer’s hard drive crashes, you would simply install a new one, and then get everything back by inserting a CD that came with either of these two backup drives. The Seagate Replica comes in 250 or 500 gigabyte size, for $130 and $200. The Rebit drive comes in 160 or 500 gigabyte size for $150 and $190. More info is available at and

Mac users who have the OS X Leopard operating system have a similar protective backup program called The Time Machine. This will back up the Mac to any appropriate size external drive.

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