Many families and even some small businesses have several different phones and other devices that need a format changing program to transfer videos, photos and music fro m one to another. Nero Software has an automated way to handle this with a new $40 program called “Move it.” Photos on a cell phone can be transferred to other cell phones or any of 170 devices listed in the program. Movies on Playstation game units can be transferred to iPod and most other players.

 For any transfer problem, the “Move it” screen shows a list of devices on the left, and a duplicate list on the right. There are two arrows between the lists, one pointing to the right, the other to the left. Click on a device name in either list and then on the appropriate arrow to move the content to a destination name you click on the other list. You can search for particular items you want transferred, and then use the directional arrows to transfer that to the destination device.

 Setup was easy enough. You install “Move it” and then plug the devices you want to use into the computer. The program creates a profile for the ones you have. You can initiate a transfer of music, video or photos even if these devices are not plugged in. The next time they are plugged in, the stuff will come over automatically. This also works for friends who want a copy of your movie, photo or music.

 You can also transfer stuff to MySpace, YouTube and the “My Nero” community. Though you can’t download anything from YouTube without an extra program, which is technically illegal, you can later download stuff you’ve uploaded to My Nero or to My Space. Then if your friend wants a copy of your movie, they can get it there, as long as there is no “digital rights management” protection associated with that file. 

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