Tis the season for accounting programs, and some QuickBook users may be wondering if it’s worth updating to Quickbooks 2009. We had a chat with Bonnie Biafore, author of “Quickbooks 2009, the Missing Manual.” She says that there are a few features worth upgrading for, such as the company status dashboard which gives you a nice overview of the health of your company. The new version is also somewhat better at helping you share data with your accountant, or use a variety of currencies, and is able to crunch big numbers (up to ten trillion). 

But the new “Online Banking Center” is hard to figure out. And tech support is as difficult to reach as ever. There’s a new online community to help you deal with problems, but Biafore says it’s not as good as the old message boards. What is good is her book, which provides the kind of information that should have come with the program. It’s $30 from oreilly.com.

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