Symantec has a group of remote control tune-up service you can buy to speed up your computer and get rid of useless junk stored on your hard drive. The services are sold under the “Norton” brand, which is owned by Symantec. (“Norton,” by the way, is named for Peter Norton, a former Buddhist monk, who developed the first program for recovering accidentally erased data from PCs. S   mantec purchased it from him.)

You don’t have to own any Norton utility programs to use the tune-up service; you call them up and they use remote control software to look over your computer. Costs run $30 to $70, depending on how extensive you want the clean-up to be. Everything they do, you could also do yourself with just a few simple routines. It’s not hard, but many people would just as soon not bother and prefer to use a remote clean-up service instead.

We tried the $70 service on Joy’s “Vista” computer and the technician found that her computer was already running pretty cleanly and there was little to do. We had high hopes that this new Norton service would make the computer run faster, but the reality of the matter is that the Vista operating system is just plain slow. The best way to speed it up is to add more memory (RAM). This particular computer currently has a gigabyte of RAM, because that’s the way it came when we bought it; the Vista operating system was added later. Two gigabytes are what a Vista user really needs.

Symantec has an incredibly clunky web address for reaching the right screen if you want to use the tune-up service. A simpler way is to just do a web search on the words “Norton Premium Services.” This takes you to the right place.


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