Most of the people who buy Adobe’s popular Photoshop program use only about 10 percent of its power. That’s too bad, because it’s an expensive program (around $650) and you can edit photos (the primary use) with many programs costing a lot less. In fact you can even get Photoshop itself for a lot less: How about free?

The free version is called “Photoshop Express,” and you can get it by going to There’s no manual, but we recently got a little book called “The Adobe Photoshop Express Pocket Guide,” by Jeff Carlson. It’s $10 from Peachpit Press, at The pocket guide covers all the important pointsin using Photoshop for editing: highlighting, popping the color, soft focus, tinting, sketch outlining, etc.

(Here’s another footnote from the early days of computer tech history: Bob recalls that Peachpit Press started in the founders’ kitchen and he used a Xerox copier to print the b

Photoshop Express



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