According to Pew Research, 22 percent of all adults have sold things online, but most of them just post a notice in plain text, no pictures. We came across a great way to correct that, with professional looking sales flyers generated for free by vFlyer.com.

As a test we submitted information and pricing on a minivan we own but had no intention of selling. A flyer was created in a few seconds and it looked as good as a car company ad in a glossy magazine. We could have posted this to several online marketplaces with a single click at the vFlyer Web site. But if wevFlyer wanted to post it to the two major online markets, eBay and Craig’s List, we had to copy the HTML code and paste it into those sites. Actually, this turned out to be a simple cut and paste operation, with vFlyer showing us what to do.

The flyers can also be e-mailed or printed. If you think people on a particular e-mail list would be interested in what you have to sell or trade, the flyer can be automatically inserted into each message. vFlyer also provides a report on how many “views” your flyer got. Later they’re going to offer resume flyers for job seekers.

The creation process was interesting, because we had to go through a check list for any of the most commonly posted products, and that list covered a lot of things people often forget. For example, if we wanted to sell a computer, the checklist asked if it had a floppy drive, if it wrote to DVDs as well as CDs, and so on. No matter what you’re selling, you can have up to 25 pictures in the flyer, very useful for real estate or collections of items.

A natural question is, how do they, the vFlyer people, make money off a free service? The answer is ancillary ads. In other words, they add a paid advertisement to your flyer, and the subject of that ad will be related to yours, but not competitive with it. For example, if you’re selling a car, they might add a clickable box for insurance or accessories.

All in all, this is a remarkable service and we were impressed.

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