“Anonymizer” has been around for a couple of years but recently created a subset that creates extra e-mail accounts. What the software does is create fake e-mail addresses. Web sites that collect e-mail addresses soAnonymizerthey can later send out spam, will find they have collected a very disposable address.

The new program is called “Anonymizer Nyms” and is purchased by subscription for $20 a year from¬† You can create up to one thousand disposable e-mail addresses. You can also create guest “Nyms” for friends and colleagues so they can try it out for free.

The software can create the fake e-mail names for you, or you can amuse yourself by creating some of your own —¬† All of the addresses will end with “” Whatever fake address is created, it is linked to your real e-mail address. That’s because sometimes you may want to hear offers or replies from a site. Should you find you’re getting spam from that link instead of news you want, simply delete the fake address link and that will be the end of that.

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