Just when we thought we couldn’t take another look at an online service for sharing photos and stuff, we went and took one more look.

It was a good thing, too, because we discovered the joys of “” esnipsActually, it was Joy who discovered the joys. And sharing photos turned out to be the least you could do with eSnips.

This is a free service that lets you scissor your way through the World Wide Web, snipping the parts you like as you go. So far this is very similar to, which we wrote about in January. However, eSnips goes well beyond. You can save your clippings back to the web, upload movies, music, presentations and files, or record audio and video.

If you become a member of eSnips, which is free, a special Web site is created to hold your uploads. This can be private or public. If it’s public, you can upload almost anything, and it is available to browsers. Enter a keyword search and this will take you to sites that contain those hits. Some are surprisingly large. When we entered “Mark Twain,” we got some of his complete novels. We also found current best sellers posted to eSnips; it’s open range out there.

You can upload one gigabyte of your own files to and keep it private. Or, you can keep just some of it private, separating the material into folders, and making some folders locked and some not. You can email friends viewing rights to restricted folders. You can even introduce your folders with a personal video.

There’s an eSnips marketplace, where you can post things for sale to all visitors or just to those you put on a restricted list. How does eSnips make money? They don’t just yet, but they say they plan to post ads down the road and offer other services. Meanwhile, it’s a very nice site and we have no reason to think it won’t continue that way.

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