phone privacyWe always assumed that when you use Firefox’s “Private Browsing” feature, no one could track you. Not so, until now.

They’ve added a “Private Browsing with Tracking Protection” feature. Not only will your computer stop storing a list of the places you’ve been on the Web, but companies won’t know you’ve been there either. You’ll still see ads, but the companies that place them won’t know you’re there. Only an employer who monitors your computer use or your Internet service provider can see where you’ve been.

As for the other browsers, such as Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer, you’re still being tracked when you use their private browsing feature. This tends to send the privacy protesters up the wall, but we don’t mind being tracked. With tracking, if we’ve been searching for pink elephants, for example, we’ll soon see ads for them. We’d rather see ads for products we might want than ads for stuff we don’t. Pink elephants though … maybe when we get a bigger place.

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