sale priceMany stores tell you that if you find a lower price somewhere, they’ll match it and give you a rebate on your purchase. But who can keep track of it all? We found a site: that keeps track for you and it’s free. ¬†gives you rebates on your purchases whenever prices drop, you miss a deal, or you miss a coupon. It links automatically to your Amazon account, so as soon as we signed up, we saw a rebate available for a teddy bear we bought for our 2 year-old niece. Besides Amazon, it keeps track of purchases from Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, J.Crew and many others. The company gets 25 percent of any money you collect, but for every friend you refer, that rate drops by five percent. Refer five friends and keep 100 percent of the savings.

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