A reader reminded us of a great website for software freebies: NiNite.

We wrote about this site a couple years ago but then forgot about it (insufficient memory at that time). Dozens of free programs have been collected in one place at You can install them all in one swoop or check off the boxes for the freebies you want and click “download installer.” The rest is automatic.

Whenever we get a new computer we head over to NiNite and check off the boxes for photo editor Google Picasa, Firefox, Chrome, Google Drive, Dropbox, TeamViewer and several others. They also have free anti-virus programs like Avast, AVG and Malwarebytes. We have tried all of these and they’re good. “FastStone Image Viewer” puts a date stamp on every photo that cycles through in an automatic slideshow when you tap the “s” for slideshow key on your keyboard. (Click on “site 2” when you get to the download page.)

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