Wellcoin App for posting healthy habits and earning discountsSome insurance companies pay you for getting fit. Ours doesn’t, but the free app “Wellcoin” (iOs) (Android) earns you discounts for healthy behavior.

Cheaters are apparently welcome. When Joy was filling out their questionnaire, she put down “Twinkies” as her healthy snack choice and right away she earned five points. In fact, it gave her “health points” no matter what she put down. (Joy hasn’t had a Twinkie since she was 12. Bob has had only one bite in his life — can’t stand em.) She got triple the points if she took a picture of something healthy and clicked “verify.” The Wellcoin community weighed in immediately to judge her handful of unsalted almonds.

Tap “Marketplace” to see discounts of 20 percent as well as free stuff. Some things, like ZipCar rides, require a hefty 3000 points or more. Oh well, it’s somebody’s idea of a business model.

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