syrinscape playerYou can create a musical score made up of the kind of music and sound effects you hear in adventure games and save it to any application you wish, even making weird sounds for your cellphone. This is free for the month of February from if you feel like trying out their new beta version (pre-market release) of the Syrinscape Fantasy Player.  

Creating a musical score is as easy as selecting items from a menu. You can choose to hear gentle rain or lightning and thunder, add battle sounds, sword play, howling wolves or whatever you fancy from menus of dozens of effects that can be used alone or strung together.

Since the program is in beta, it comes with two sound sets: “Bugbear Battle” and “Witchwood.” Within each of these are subsets with names such as “Defeat is imminent,” and “Something’s out there.” Each subset has slide controls. Want more “unsettling wind,” “distant wildlife,” and “battle music?” “Sad noises” and “curses” might be appropriate additions if things are turning against our hero’s side. When you’ve made your adjustments, name your creation and save. Anything you download or create is yours to keep, even after the free beta period ends.


This is a surprising amount of fun. Programs like this are often used by game creators but can be just as useful for teachers, filmmakers, musicians and sound engineers. Play with Syrinscape on your PC or Mac, or download the free Android app version for phones and tablets.

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