misfit flashThe Misfit Flash we wrote about a few months ago is expanding. Not literally, of course, but the features are expanding to track and control a lot more than your fitness exercises.

It looks like a blank-face watch on a wristband and is the cheapest wearable tracking device we’ve found for what it does. The $50 device counts swim strokes, measures deep sleep, tracks our biking and our walking. And from there they’re moving up. Coming in March, the Flash will interact with other apps and you won’t have to buy a new Flash if you already have one; it will be part of an update.

Suppose your phone is playing music from Spotify. Instead of digging it out of your pocket, you’ll press your Flash to start or stop the music. If you have a “Nest Learning Thermostat,” a press of the Flash will adjust the room temperature while you’re still in bed. The Misfit Flash can also control lights and TVs. A “yo” message can be sent to friends when you press the Flash twice. “Yo” is the way you say hello in Philadelphia or if you’re meeting Sylvester Stallone. The device will be able to lock and unlock doors, or  trigger your cell phone to take pictures just by pressing the Flash. See this stuff in action on YouTube. Search on “Misfit Flash’s Smart Button.”

When we first wrote about Misfit Wearables, they only had the “Shine,” which cost more and did less. We expect to be impressed; if we’re not, an angry letter will follow.

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