narrative cameraPeople are taking — and posting! – around 1.8 billion photos a day. Back in the primitive time of 2008, they took 20 million a day. We now post twice as many — 44 million, every hour. By the way: only one percent are still taken on film. Bye, bye, Kodak; sic semper transit and all that.

We got these stats from Narrative makes a tiny camera around the size of a postage stamp that you clip on your shirt or anywhere to automatically take photos every 30 seconds. We haven’t tried it yet but it sounds fun. Unfortunately, it’s $279 for a twelve-month subscription and $9 a month to renew. The company stores and organizes the photos. The photos are filed by location, so you can use that to quickly narrow a search.

The battery lasts for two days on a single charge and the camera can store 4000 five megapixel pictures. To turn it off, put it in your pocket or lay it face down. Plug  it  into your computer to recharge the battery and transfer the photos to online storage.

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