10 YEAR JOURNAL-Back in the days when the world was young and computers were new, we had an editor who claimed he had developed an alternative technology that was both cheaper and had storage that lasted longer than disks.

He said it was a word processor that cost about a nickel. The words came out one end and the other end had an undo tip. Sometimes the word processing end needed sharpening but that took little effort. It was unaffected by power outages or software crashes, he said. Unless you had a dog, he added.

The real clincher, he said, was the storage medium. He called it “paper,” and anything you wrote on it could be saved and stored for centuries – as long as it didn’t get wet. This was a proven technology, he maintained, tested by writers living and dead. And the medium even came in a number of colors.

This seemed to us more of a fantasy than a technology that could actually be perfected and come into daily use, but we pass it along to you who might want to work on it. If you do, we recently came across an excellent “app” for this technology; it’s called a “journal.” It’s expensive though — $40, from a Japanese company that designed it to store information in decades.

For any given day in the “Ten Year Journal,” you’ll see the years 2015 to 2025 running down the right column, with four lines of space for each year. Put down today’s entry and next year, you can see what you wrote the previous year on the same day. You can get it at Remember to think long term. And be concise.

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