Withings Blood Pressure MonitorTwenty-five percent of the world’s population has high blood pressure (we love statistics). We suspect some of it is “white coat” syndrome, the kind you get in doctor’s offices. This was once an annoyance to Joy, but her home monitor shows her pressure is normally 110 over 70, with a heart rate of 48 or 50. (Very fit, Joy.)

She’s had a wired pressure monitor for years but recently tried out “Health Mate,” $130 from It doesn’t work any differently from the old one but has the convenience of wirelessly sending the readings to a smartphone, tablet or iPod via a free app.

The free Health Mate app tracks your progress and puts your data on a graph.  It will also send the data to your doctor by email. (How come doctors don’t do email? Bob’s doctor doesn’t even give out his email address.)

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