kindle fireWe heard from a reader who has a Kindle just like ours but its battery failed to take a charge. Amazon customer service told her to buy a new one, though her Kindle was only a year old. (They’re pushing it; don’t buy a new one.)

A guy at a tech repair store told her that the problem wasn’t the battery, it was the charging port. (This reminds us of how garage mechanics talk to women customers.) He said they’d seen lots of Kindles come in with the same problem. So to make this long story somewhat shorter, it cost her $50 to get her $100 Kindle working again. The repair guy told her the problem is caused by using the Kindle while it’s still charging. We do that all the time, frankly, and don’t think it has ever caused a problem.

Our dead Kindle started working again on its own. (You know: put it in a dark drawer for a while and it starts thinking it better shape up.)

2 Responses to “BATTERY”

  1. I watched a YouTube video on how to repair the problem, thought it was too complicated and took it to a repair shop. They wouldn’t touch it. But the Kindle would, on rare occasions, charge. Bought her a new Kindle. Turns out the cord that came with the new one charges the old one every time.

  2. Joy says: “How interesting!” Bob says: “We had that problem once, on another device a long time ago, and it also disappeared when we changed cords. A cord problem.”
    We should have remembered that.