group meA high school principal wrote to ask us what’s the best way to send text messages to a group. Before we could answer, he wrote back to say he’d tried “GroupMe,” and unfortunately woke up a bunch of teachers in the middle of the night. (Those teachers should have adjusted their settings to turn off the message alert. You don’t have to get a ding every time a message┬ácomes in.)

Just as it sounds, GroupMe works on the computer or phone to send text messages to groups. If you have a person’s cell phone number, they don’t need to have the app installed. If you only have their email address, they’ll get an invitation to install the app.

Another way to go is “WhatsApp,” now with 500 million users. It will send group messages, without incurring any data plan costs, but the group has to have the app. has instructions, but the only tricky part is that Android users need to tap the menu button on their phone to create a group. For iPhone users, it’s on the screen.

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