jamo appWe learned about the “Jamo” app from a waitress who told us you don’t have to have a Wii machine or Kinect player to have your dance moves critiqued by a machine.

Install “Jamo” on an iPod Touch or iPhone and choose from Zumba, Bollywood and other dance styles. Some are free, others are 99 cents. When you go to the Jamo website on a computer and click “Login,” your dance instructor is projected on your computer screen. Hold your phone or iPod in your hand while you dance to get critiqued.

Jamo uses Apple’s built-in accelerometer to detect your movements. It’s not as accurate as the Wii or the Kinect, but it’s easy and fun. The app gives you a number score based on accuracy, but Joy noticed she started earning points even before she started moving. (Might be someone in an alternate universe.) Still, it was possible to improve her score through practice. We signed up for it through our Facebook account; it didn’t work for us using an ordinary email registration. The app also works with Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast.

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