Muku ShuttrFor photos of ourselves, it would be nice to put the phone on a shelf, back up, and snap the picture. But when we’re more than an arm’s length away, we can’t reach the shutter button. (And we’re always forgetting how to use the self-timer.)

The “Muku Shuttr” is a remote control for your phone’s shutter button. Unlike products like “Shutterball,” it works with the camera app on your phone. (Shutterball has its own app, which users say is balky, difficult and slow.)

Shuttr works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Nexus, Moto X, Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Note phones. It’s is the size of a key and fits on a keychain; it works from up to 30 feet away (which is the standard limit for Bluetooth transmission). The signal receiver plugs into your phone’s audio jack. It’s $40 from Amazon.com.

One Response to “TAKING SELFIES”

  1. You can use the volume up button on the ear buds of an iPhone to snap a picture. With the ear buds attached, just open the camera, ready your picture and snap.