clean master“Clean Master” is a free app for clearing out junk files and restoring privacy to your Android phone.

When we tried it, we discovered we had 38 percent of storage space left, and we boosted it to 41 percent using the app – not a big deal, really. But if we’d wanted, we could have gained a gigabyte more storage using the advanced setting. An app manager uninstalls unwanted apps.

The “privacy” button gets rid of your browsing history and anything potentially embarrassing on the phone. A survey conducted by the app’s makers uncovered that seven percent of men and three percent of women have naked pictures of themselves on their phones.  Around 16 percent do not use a security code to keep this stuff private.

3 Responses to “KEEPING IT CLEAN”

  1. I have tried to find this app but am having no luck.
    Looking on Apps on my Iphone.
    Where else would I look for this?

  2. We’re sorry to say it’s only for Android phones. We’ll try to find something equivalent for iPhones.

  3. By the way, have you tried Battery Doctor? It’s made by the same company and there’s an iOS and Android version.