chromebaseAt the International Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month, LG manufacturing will show off an all-in-one desktop with the Google Chrome operating system. It’s called “Chromebase.” All-in-ones have all their innards stuffed into the case that holds the screen. More importantly, the big advantage of the Google operating system is that it updates your computer every time you start it up. It corrects any problems that are slowing down your system and eliminates viruses. Poof, it’s magic!

How can this be? Well, in Chrome, just about everything you do takes place online. While that sounds like a disadvantage, it’s handy to have a computer used only for email, Facebook, games, and online apps. The price for the new Chrome desktop has not yet been revealed, but it will undoubtedly be fairly cheap. Chrome laptops, usually called “Chromebooks,” account for about 25 percent of the under-$300 notebook market.

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