younote example

Cyberlink’s “YouNote,” a new free app at the Windows  app store, is fun and even useful. It’s a virtual notebook for collecting notes and pictures and putting them in pockets of interest.

We found it fun to collect notes this way under different topics, like recipe books, travel, sports, etc. Add the pictures, cartoons and scribbles and some of our notes are cute enough to use as scrapbook pages or greeting cards. The program works with regular or touch screen PCs using Windows 8. But, alas, all is not yet perfect in this infinitely perfectible universe: There are other ways to skin Schrodinger’s cat.

YouNote is missing some key features found in the older and massively popular Evernote, a free program with 34 million users. In Evernote, your notes are stored in the cloud, meaning you can sign in on any computer anywhere in the world, and see them. And you can search on a word and any page with that word will come up in a clickable list. (Don’t search on “the.”) Evernote also lets you use the “copy” and “paste” commands to easily copy bits or whole pages from the web, which you can’t do in YouNote. It’s easy to edit an old note in Evernote, not so easy in YouNote. There’s even a special version of Evernote for Blackberry users (still found in remote areas), just updated in late December. You can get lots of Evernote tips by searching on “Ron’s Evernote Tips.” (Well named, Ron.)

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