Survive-Inside the Human Body“Survive! Inside the Human Body,” by Suk Young Song, is a series of three 180-page comic books, each of which is $18 from The books were originally published in Korea and have now been translated for the American market. They sold more than 20 million copies in Korea and they are terrific.

Joy read “Volume 1, the Digestive System,” straight through without stopping, enjoying the suspense, humor and education of an adventure reminiscent of the movie “Fantastic Voyage.” They only thing missing was Raquel Welch. The team gets miniaturized and then accidentally eaten by “Phoebe” in her morning cookies.

We were relieved when Captain Geo didn’t dissolve in stomach acid just when it looked like he’d go down with the ship; some bacteria saved the day. At the last minute, another crisis: the team is not pooped out to freedom because their ship is mistaken for the vitamins that coat it. This sets the stage for “Volume 2, the Circulatory System,” as our heroes go into the blood vessels of their friend, Phoebe. The final book is: “Volume 3, the Nervous System.”

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